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About Us The Owl Club of Denver is an outstanding social club that has provided brotherhood, fellowship and community service for over 70 years. One of the Owl Club’s most notable programs is the Debutante Ball, which is a stellar event where we honor intelligent young ladies in a public forum for their character, scholarship, leadership and community service. Many of them are often awarded college scholarships that allow them to obtain college degrees and become productive citizens and influential leaders of the community.

Who are the members of the Owl Club of Denver



The Owl Club of Denver is made up of members who are local leaders in the Denver area. This high profile membership and long history of community service has made the Owl Club highly regarded as one of the premier organizations in the state of Colorado. It is with great pride that the Owl Club of Denver has presented a group of extraordinary women as our Debutantes every year since 1951.

Board of Directors


Maurice Dismukes, Chairman      Ron Washington

Greg Labrie                                          Gregory Anderson

Jeffrey T. Smith                                             Alonzo Butler

Elvin Donald                                                             Skip Riley

Maurice Goodgaine                                    Marvin Pierce

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